Web Development

Web 2.0 programming

We work with web design studios adding web application development and database design services to their portfolio. Whether the studio is seeking additional resources for a specific project or simply need someone to call upon when the need arises, we specialise in working with and alongside in-house designers and turning application concepts into reality. Not only can we design and build web applications, but we are able to host these applications and associated databases on a white-label basis, allowing web design studios and multimedia agencies include our services as part of their own.

Or perhaps you are a company developing a database driven web application? We design and build state of the art bespoke web applications integrated with your existing environment. We can develop both web 1 as well as web 2 application types and support a wide range of system architecture and web programming languages including Java, Ruby on Rails, PHP and C/C++.

Web 1 technology: The traditional web application with HTML forms and "click to submit" page-to-page navigation.
Web 2 technology: Fully functional applications on a web browser such as Google Calendar or GMail. Typically these applications feature scrolling tables with filters, fully fledged menu bars, autocomplete fields and image galleries.

Kieser.net can design and implement your database, build the web application and integrate it into your web design as well as your existing or legacy infrastructure. We are highly skilled enterprise database experts with specialist system migration experience ensuring that while you progress on-line, you protect your existing IT investment. When we build an application we work with your designers, ensuring that the correct look and feel is maintained throughout the application and that it fits correctly into the overall web design.

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Twitter and facebook applicatation development

Social media such as Twitter and FaceBook are an essential corporate consideration. Applications for Twitter and FaceBook are an exciting new opportunity for many companies, however the skills and experience to develop these applications are extremely rare and unlikely to be found in-house.

Kieser.net are able to supply your company with the right skills and services to meet your Twitter and FaceBook demands. In addition to our ability to design, implement and deploy social media applications, our enterprise grade hosting services, powerful database facilities and our unique Twitter CRM platform enables us to host these services for you should your require this.

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Mobile phone application development

Mobile phone applications are one of the fastest growing sectors in IT. We can not only develop mobile phone applications, but we have the infrastructure and technology to deploy them OTA (over the air).

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Java, Ruby on Rails and PHP application development

Looking for additional development resource in Java, Ruby on Rails (incl JRuby) or PHP? Whether you need only part time, additional hands on deck or your requirement is more substantial, we have the skills and the experience along with a flexible working practice to suit your needs.

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Postgres, MySQL, Ingres and Oracle

We have a deep technical understanding of and application development skills in Postgres, Ingres and Oracle. From PL/SQL development to Ingres' ABF or esql or Postgres' PgPLSQL we can design, write and deliver database-centric applications. Need Ingres database tuning? Postgresql system maintenance or DBA services? Contact us now!

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