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These notes are presented to the OpenSource community from the Linux techies! We hope that they will be helpful to you! As we find solutions to problems or write handy little scripts, we will put them here so that you can benefit from them too.

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Have fun!

The team!

Java Handy Linux notes and solutions. We present solutions to the more arcane problems where a search online doesn't necessarily give you the solution easily. We also post handy scripts that we have written that can save you time and effort.
Linux We are active Java developers at and run into all sorts of situations where we need to find a solution, clarification of an issue or a better way of doing something in Java. When we do, we post it here so that we save you time and effort. You get working solutions for free!
PHP Notes on programming in Ruby on Rails, JRuby and using Ruby IDEs such as Netbeans. Also covered are topic on using GWT with Rails, deploying Rails applications and real world Ruby on Rails hosting and production issues.
Ruby We were the first commercial PHP supplier in the UK. We remember when Rasmus still ran the project we have been around that long! Here are notes, tips and tricks that we have accumulated over the years. As PHP is now so well documented, these entries are aimed to make it easier for newbies for find answers to common problems not so easy to find online!
Web 2.0 We live, breathe and develop fully fledged online applications! This is where we help Web 2 technology move ahead, giving solutions to common problems, the benefit of our extensive experience in this cutting edge technology.