Digital Strategy

Being on-line is integral to business. An on-line presence is about multi-faceted communication, from web sites, email and blogs to VOIP and mobile communication a solid digital strategy is essential to modern business.

Web Development

Web 2.0 programming, Twitter and facebook applicatation development, Mobile phone application development, Java, Ruby on Rails and PHP application development. We support Postgres, Ingres, MySQL and Oracle.

Mobile Services

Mobile phone applications are one of the fastest growing sectors in IT. We can not only develop mobile phone applications, but we have the infrastructure and technology to deploy them OTA (over the air).

Online Solutions provides a wide range of enterprise class online solutions. Our service provides platinum grade core technologies essential to enterprise class internet presence. From domain management to DNS, server monitoring, SMS (text message) alerts, email and web hosting, we provide the plumbing to get you, and keep you on-line.

Open Source is built on OpenSource and is a pioneer in bringing OpenSource services and technology to business. Our strong ethics ensure that we put back what we take out. In addition to contributing code, bug reports, solution, documentation and support to a wide variety of OpenSource projects, we share the benefits of our experience online.

This sections takes you to our blogs where our tips, tricks and solutions for a range of OpenSource technology are documented straight from the techie coalface to you!